Alimentos Prosalud is one of the largest seafood processors and distributors in Latin America, exporting to a variety of countries and continents.


In October 1975, Sardimar began processing and canning tuna under the Zapata Corporation. The commercialization of this product achieved unexpectedly staggering consumer acceptance.

Focusing on high-quality, controlled processes, the company came up with a variety of packaging and brands that successfully positioned themselves in the Central American market. In 1983, Zapata Corporation sold its Sardimar shares to a group of Costa Rican investors. Since then, Sardimar has been a 100% Costa Rican company with a long-term vision and a strong focus on quality and innovation.

In 2002, the inauguration of a new tuna, sardine and fish flour processing plant put Sardimar at the forefront of the Latin American food industry. Located in El Roble, Puntarenas, the plant was equipped with the latest in tuna cooking and canning technology designed to meet U.S. and European standards.

The company changed its name in 2011 to Alimentos Prosalud (APS), and to this day Sardimar is still one of its main brands.

We adhere to the following values:

At Alimentos Prosalud, we have the following values:

We are Challengers

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¨We exceed expectations¨

  • We are competitive and take calculated risks.
  • We proactively exceed expectations.
  • We defy the status quo to generate creative ways of thinking.
  • We take advantage of opportunities and find innovative solutions.
  • We create quality products and deliver quality service.

We are Courageous 

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¨We overcome obstacles¨

  • We are motivated by a collective force that pushes us to overcome and move forward.
  • We are optimistic in the face of change and we overcome obstacles.
  • We have confidence in our ability to create solutions.
  • We make decisions that push us to exceed our goals.
  • We learn from our mistakes.

We are Passionate

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¨We love what we do¨

  • We cultivate a sense of belonging in the company.
  • We carry our brands in our hearts.
  • We inspire others through our actions.
  • We take on each day with a positive outlook.
  • We recognize our own achievements and those of our colleagues. 
  • We are committed to the community and sustainability.

We are Transparent

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¨We are open and honest in our actions¨

  • We are consistent in what we think, say and do.
  • We do the right thing.
  • We put matters on the table and find solutions.
  • We are assertive in our communication.

We are One 

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When one succeeds or fails, we all succeed or fail

  • We trust in ourselves, our colleagues and our teams.
  • We are empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others.
  • We act as a team and together we make the difference.
  • We learn from each other.


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